Neil’s 2010

We have maintained a fairly low-key start to the decade.  Short of a few shows such as January’s Friends of Manchester event (see previous blog) and the Biko Records launch night, we have been hidden away.  The reason is that we have spent many a Friday night / Saturday night / Easter Holidays / Summer Holidays / any-other-time-we-can-collectively-get-together locked away in the studio to complete our album.  The results of which I shall let others discuss.  The process behind its creation involves many a cold, dark, overnight session in SSR with our producer Vicky admirably entering the abyss of sleeplessness and dragging us through the other side…

Time was on our side, so we took it.  Anything that could be improved was improved.  The layering of the tracks was quite complex in its execution but the dynamic mirrors what we sound like as a band; no need to add loads of extra sounds or trickery that lose what essentially makes us sound like us.  For a brief moment, the sleeplessness of an overnight session caused me to hallucinate into thinking I was a member of Westlife.  Or so I thought.  It later transpired that we did indeed add a four-part harmony of angelic detail to Courting Paranoia…  The album was mixed by Tom at Airtight and, as I mentioned earlier, I’ll leave it for others to comment on its results.

So what else have we been up to?  We played a low-key show for Lucy’s 30th, a private party which opened up into a public jam and frolics well into the night.  The Biko Records launch was a great night, with the wonderful Charlie Barnes and Dutch Uncles making a stellar line-up.  This year’s trip to Wales was for the Ymuno festival (Square was cancelled) with BUSK favourites Kev Fox and Becca & The Broken Biscuits playing great sets, both on stage and round our campfire.  I somehow managed to blag it with the organisers to watch the World Cup from the kitchens as well, shame Veron didn’t play…  the by-now-obligatory camp-fire acoustic jam lasted until daylight, various videos and photos are about.  Someone asking me to play some Super Furry Animals being one of the highlights of my entire life (I wish I was joking).  Dan’s been busking round Europe; I even saw him busking on Oldham Street in August 10 minutes before we were due to go onstage ourselves for a gig!  That was an acoustic gig at Moho.  It went well, I shall try to get some videos up soon…

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