Summer 2009 – Glasgow

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Glasgow 16/05/09 – King Tuts – with Hip Parade and Danny Shah

“…people mistake her for a wee boy, but she iz’nee…”

Piled into Lucy’s van at 10 am, all a bit hung-over from a night of drinking and making CDs to give away when we got there. Jo and Dan had had a production line going that became less and less productive as the night wore on. Kirby had promptly fallen asleep with her bottle of beer still in hand. Matt hadn’t been quite as lucky spilling his whilst still awake. Dan and Matt continued to drink and play/re-string guitars until around 5.30. Shattered. Good start.

Neil complained of missing the United – Arsenal game pretty much from the moment of us setting off. We were all thinking the same though – “to the pub” to watch the last twenty minutes if there’s time. No such luck. We’d bought 3 crates of Stella and 3 bottles of wine to keep us company for the journey there. Stopped off at some services past Carlisle to sing a song for the champions in the toilets. No one minded. Job done. Checked in at the guest house. Neil made an immediate impression on the lady who runs the show after Dan had promised we’d be on our best behaviour. No chance of this as Dan would soon find out later.

Sound check was uneventful, other than Danny Shah’s guitar packing in (and Matt realising we didn’t have the right number of cymbal stands, standard). Dan lent Mr Shah his acoustic that we’d brought on the off chance there’d be the usual “gig in the taxi”, “gig in the park” etc. Ed loves it, and if it’s good enough for Dusseldorf it’ll do for Glasgow.

9.15pm Wallace took to the stage and gave it their all to a rapidly filling up sell out crowd. The gig was a pleasure to play and the Glasgow crowd were very receptive. A hundred CDs, given out by “the Lucy B’s”, Jo, and Kirby, disappeared without a trace moments after we finished. Danny Shah ripped up the stage (literally) with a blistering set including a great cover of “hey yah” by outkast, followed by an atomic set by Hip Parade who had everyone’s attention. Especially since Rob stage dived into the crowd during the last song. Kind of hard to ignore when someone throws themselves off a stage straight at you. Very Random, wouldn’t you say Neil?

Drank as much of the rider as we could (all of ours and some of theirs he-he) and headed to Glasgow’s answer to 5th Avenue. A night of Manchester classics it seemed with Courteeners, Joy Div, Stone Roses, Oasis, Mondays, all featuring. Somehow it felt better than usual though and Neil had had so much fun he had to leave early. Dan had had one too many and wandered Glasgow in search of Glasgow’s best kebab house. He didn’t find it. Standard. Lost his coat plus whatever might have been in the pockets.

Dan wakes up, fortunately in the hotel room, to what looked startlingly similar to dried blood all over the bed sheets. Some comic genius had attempted to make coffee on Dan whilst he was asleep. Two sugars please. Not pleased. Dan shouts a lot. Throws the bath plug and other assorted items that had been found in his pants at Neil. But Neil was first in, wasn’t he? No one’s saying nothing. There also appeared to be open cans everywhere according to Simon, with only a sip taken from each. Rubbish. We smoked heavily and shuddered at the prospect of another gig at Dry Bar that evening. Not well. Breakfast in Yates’s. A brief chat and a lent cig to two locals who left us with an insightful quote which was reiterated by all of us at various points throughout the day. See above.

Acoustic covers gig on the way home as Neil sorted his hangover out by drinking more. Others joined in as the Journey went on. Somehow ended up in Perth? I think we had been too busy singing along and not really bothering to look at road signs that probably said “the North”.  Gigged most of the way home. Then gigged at Dry. Battle of the Bands. Played for fun as we’d had no time to organise any kind of a crowd for ourselves. Wished the other bands good look and attempted to play us out of the competition. The crowd had other ideas. We came out with one of the highest votes and sailed through to the next round at Academy. Simon said “It’s the British way, “we’d don’t want to do this anymore”, so everyone votes for you”. Not that were ungrateful, just surprised. It’s all good. Another completed Wallace away.

Wallace x

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